We Are Transparent

Once I received a call from one of the clients. Here is the excerpt of our conversation:

Chet’s: Good morning. It’s Chet’s Airport And Taxi Service. How can I help you?

Client: I know it is Chet’s Airport And Taxi Service and this where I am calling. Do not bit about the bush and just tell me your differential advantage over other taxi service providers

Chet’s: Well, we are transparent

Client: Huh! Everyone is transparent. Just go outside at one of the taxi stands in Saratoga Springs, raise your hand and ask each taxi regarding fare for designated destination and they will tell you their fare is fair because they are transparent and do not cheat passenger. Merely saying transparent will not convince me.

Chet’s: Yes, I can convince you and I can do this in more transparent way. Just boot your laptop, google it and check fare between Saratoga Springs and Albany Airport. It shows slightly less than $62 per trip. Similarly, check fare to Albany bus or train station from Saratoga Springs and it reads something more than $50 per trip.

Now visit our website http://saratogachetstaxi.com

Scroll down and check our airport taxi rates. We charge just $40 per trip to Albany Airport from Saratoga Springs. It means you save $22 per trip with us. Do you still think we are not transparent?

Similarly, we take $50/trip for transferring you to Albany bus or train station from Saratoga Springs. Here too you pocket few dollars. Hello, are you convinced or shall I come up with few more comparisons?

Client: Wait, wait let me check…….  I am checking…

……after around five minutes…..

Oh yes, you are right! What a fabulous way to convince clients. Yes, you guys are really transparent and I haven’t seen any taxi-cab service provider who lists price on their home page. Yes, you are right…. Professional, truly professional job.

Ok friend I want to book a ride for tomorrow morning at 7 am so I will be sending you details instantly in your mailing id: chetstaxi@gmail.com

Please send me the conformation.

Chet’s: Sure Sir! I will be waiting for your mail.

Client: Sure! Good to talk to you my friend.


Some taxi clients rudely talk to taxi service providers because they were cheated repeatedly by many taxi service providers. It is not their fault. But we—Chet’s Airport And Taxi Service—do not like to cheat our clients because we believe in long term relationship. Hence, we are transparent. If you still think we are not clear, then please have a look of our fare list:

  • Saratoga Springs to Albany Airport – $40 one way or $80 round trip
  • Saratoga Springs to Albany Train and Bus Station – $50
  • Saratoga Springs to La Guardia, JFK, Newark Airports – $300 plus tolls
  • Saratoga Springs to Boston Airport – $300 plus tolls
  • Saratoga Springs to Montreal, Boston, NYC – $300 plus any tolls
  • Saratoga Springs to either Montreal, Boston, or NYC (with 4 hour wait and return) – $450
  • Albany Airport to Saratoga Springs – $50 one way or $80 round trip
  • Albany Train and Bus Station to Saratoga Springs – $50
  • Albany to Boston Airport, La Guardia, JFK or Newark Airport – $300
  • Albany to Boston, NYC – $300
  • Albany to Montreal 1 way – $330
  • Albany to Boston or NYC (with 4 hour wait and return) – $450
  • Albany to Montreal (with 4 hour wait and return) – $480
  • Warren County airport service
  • Washington County airport service
  • From Albany Airport bus and train stations, $80 to Benington College, VT Services to Hartford, CT airport
  • Services to Stewart International Airport
  • From Albany Airport bus and train stations, $80 to Williams College in
  • Albany Airport to Water Town NY or Fort Drum New York $320
  • Albany Airport to Amsterdam NY $65
  • Albany Airport to Coopers town NY $138
  • Albany Airport to Lake George NY $90
  • Albany Airport to Bolton Landing NY $115
  • Albany Train and Bus Station to Bolton Landing NY $125
  • Albany Airport, Train and Bus Station to Poultney Vermont $175

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Google Reviews

Big Daddy
Big Daddy
20:26 13 May 17
Fast, reliable and dependable. Was stuck in Massachusetts and had to be at Albany airport, Chet personally came and had me there quickly. Still can't believe the great prices​. I'll be sure to recommend all my fellow students and friends. Thanks again Chet's airport service
John James
John James
20:41 13 May 17
Thank you for the past 4 years of safe and reliable transportation of my daughter, it's almost graduation time and I wanted to personally thank you for your​ services and next year if my son goes to Skidmore your company is the first and only pick.
Omotoyosi Taiwo
Omotoyosi Taiwo
02:20 29 Nov 16
Chet is always on time, when he's not (very rarely) he's apologetic about it. His prices are consistently the best in the area. Very very accommodating to your needs without charging exhorbitant "waiting fees". Can't recommend him enough.
G Galinski
G Galinski
19:36 29 Nov 16
Showed up on time very courteous competitive price no one else in the area could pick me up at 4 a.m. to go to the airport highly recommend
Dylanger Pittman
Dylanger Pittman
19:54 07 Oct 16
The service is excellent, the drivers are friendly, prices are good, and the cars are clean. I recommend this service highly.
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