Travel Light, Stay Blessed

Packing is must with any kind of travelling, be it corporate meeting, family vacation or lonely traveler. Good packing leads to excellent travel whereas negligence in it can cost you a lot.

Here are few tips regarding your bag pack:

Make a list of things to carry:

Yes, it is essential. Sometime it happens that you do not make the list of things to carry and miss some important items for which you have to regret later. Once you make the list, set the priority. This will reduce some of the things unloading your load.

Carry first aid kit:

Carrying first aid kit means getting a small bag where you can put some of the important medicines and pills that you need to combat possible headache, stomach pain or any other minor health issues that can ruin your trip. There is also high chance that you may not get the necessary medicine in the destination where you are travelling. Or, they may ask for prescription.

What to do with shoes?

Normally, shoes occupy a lot of space in the bag so carry only the one matching your purpose of travel as you have already a pair on your feet. Moreover, it also depends upon your stay days at the destination so meditate on this matter before making decision.


Do you think it is necessary to carry all the cosmetics with you while travelling? Only carry those items that you require and leave the remaining in your home. This will save large space in your bag.

Carry only necessary gadgets:

I know you possess a lot of valuable things like camera, laptop, expensive mobile and many more. But do you think you need to carry all these while travelling? Well, carry only required gadgets as per the purpose of your travel. If hiking is the purpose of your travel, then take the camera and mobile so that you can upload the pictures taken by the camera and upload it immediately on social sites through mobile. I do not understand the need of laptop here. Furthermore, your mobile will make space in the pocket of your trouser and camera will hang on your chest in support of neck so once again why carry laptop as additional load to your shoulders.

Never forget chargers:

This is something must. Do not forget to take your mobile and other battery charger otherwise you have to spend on them unnecessarily. This is what I prefer to call cost of missing things!


It occupies major portion of your bag. While packing clothes, always consider the season of your destination where you are travelling and keep the clothes in your bag accordingly. Also consider the purpose of travel before mapping your mind regarding cloth. Despite the fact, never ignore the importance of inner garments. Irrespective of season and destination, inner garments are always essential for both—male and female.

Fragile goods:

Take care of your fragile goods and handle them with care while packing. Your emotion is attached with such goods so it is your responsibility to protect them. Hence, handle them with utmost care.

How to manage towels?

I know it is another item that demands lot of space in your bag. Do not fizz with its size. Just check out the facility provided by the hotel at your travel destination. I am sure you get a pair of towel in any hotel these days. But if you are staying in your friend’s home, then think twice. It is better to carry your towel in latter case.

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