Top 5 Tips to Consider for Tipping a Taxi Driver

Everyone loves tips! Tips are a great way of appreciating any service. And, like any other service workers, taxi drivers also appreciate tips. Research also shows that cab driver makes about 25 percent of their income from these tips.

Although the tipping traditions for cab drivers are different in various countries, it is totally up to you to tip or not. However, if you feel like tipping, consider these tips before you decide on the tipping amount.

Local area knowledge
A good cab driver certainly knows about the local routes, street address, and directions in which he operates. Even if you ask for an advice about city’s popular attractions, the cab driver can easily answer it. In case of a heavy traffic jam or accident, cab drivers know to curb their way out from the most efficient alternate routes.
Speed of Service
Traffic is one thing that cab drivers can’t control. The thing is cab drivers can choose the best alternate routes to minimize the driving time to save your time as well as theirs. When a cab driver saves your time, remember he’s also reducing your total fare. If your cab driver does this, reward your driver with few extra bucks.
If a cab driver friendly and interacts with you nicely and makes your ride all pleasant, there is nothing wrong in adding a good tip in the total fare. But be careful, as this might not always be the case. If you come across unattentive and rude drivers, just pay the taxi fare and no tips at all.
Attention to details
Every cab driver should offer to help with the luggage. And, if your cab driver is not willing to assist you with the luggage, don’t feel obliged to pay him a tip. Because like anyone else, you want to reward to those who make an extra effort to make your trip an enjoyable one with insider-information about the current city. And, thoughtful gestures also count.
Different countries have different customs. While in some, cab drivers aren’t comfortable with the tips and get offended when you offer a tip for the pleasant service, others consider tipping as an obligation. So, before you tip your driver, know the about the country’s tipping norms you are in.
Learn these tips and make your tipping choices. After all, tipping should be done according to your experiences you have on your trip. And, tipping a cab driver is worth it after you’ve been transported safely to your destination.
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