Tip or Not Tip?

Why shall I tip a cab driver? It is one of the fundamental questions among taxi passengers. Tipping a taxi driver is not mandatory. Despite the fact, some service beneficiaries tip and some do not.

In the eyes of taxi drivers there are two types of passengers—one who tips and who does not. From clients’ perspective, on the other hand, there are two types of taxi-cab drivers—one who expects tip and one who does not.

Both the parties (driver and passenger) put forward their own argument in this matter but the conclusion is not drawn till date and will never be drawn. But one thing is true that tipping completely depends on customers’ wish and driver cannot compel them for the reward.

If you are riding on a taxi and are in ‘yes’ or ‘no’ state of mind for tipping, then consider few things listed here below and take the decision accordingly:

Driver’s knowledge:

Besides traffic rules and regulations, a good driver has strong knowledge about local areas, shortest route and alternative routes. He is good at his job and does not ask you directions once you provide him with street address. If you are new in the city, then he can suggest you best hotel and things to do here.

If the driver meets above criteria, then tip him as his knowledge helped you to enjoy the ride and city otherwise you could have wandered here and there ruining your time and money. His knowledge secured peace of your mind so why not tip?

On the other hand, think twice before tipping to the driver who lacks adequate knowledge. In this case you can exchange smile with a driver and end up with magic word—thank you J


Besides reaching point B from A, hiring a taxi means expecting best service. Traffic jam is not in driver’s control but they have choice of alternative route which will decrease driving hour benefitting passenger/s. Do not hesitate to reward your driver if he anticipates any road related surprise and despite adverse situation he drives you carefully to your destination on time. It is not just a monetary reward for him but also a motivation that will encourage him to extend best service to his future customers.

Driver’s behavior:

Everyone expects good behavior from another person. Normally, passengers’ do not remember a driver by his/her name but by behavior. Just imagine a driver who at first meeting greets you politely, extends hands with your luggage and drives you comfortably to your destination on time. This is what we expect a driver to be.

Moreover, it will be a cherry at top if the driver suggests you to go at certain place for inexpensive food and drinks. Yes, his/her suggestion counts a lot because they are well informed about the local area and you can be benefitted a lot from his small piece of advice. So, can you deny tipping such beautiful mind? No, surely not.

But if the behavior does not meet minimum expected level, then pay the taxi-cab fare and forget him forever.

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