5 Fun Things to do in Lake George

Things to do in Lake George

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Lake George at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in the state of New York. Many of us have been to this Queen of American Lakes and have had a fun and memorable vacation with friends and family.

The long and narrow Lake George has been attracting thousands for many years. And today, with a number of fun attractions surrounding the lake, it has become one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Every summer, Lake George comes alive teaming with people and activities both indoor and outdoor. And yet, the locals have managed to keep this beautiful place super clean!

Lake George Attractions

When I have to answer the people who ask – What’s the main attraction of Lake George in New York? Well, I have to say this – Duh! It’s the lake itself. The gorgeous lake stretching up to 32 miles, with equally scenic surroundings and the Adirondack Mountains, is a favorite vacation getaway for many.

Now besides the lake itself, let’s check out the top 5 of these fun attractions in and around the famous lake, shall we?

1. Ski Air Water Sports

The obvious choice anyone visiting Lake George would make is to go for the water sports. And, what better choice than Ski Air Water Sports, with water skiing, wake boarding and tubing. You can also go for boat tours around the lake with a guide who can inform you all about history of the place, interesting buildings, sunken ships and many more fun facts.

“To dive and swim in the cold waters of the lake in summer heat is thrilling” – is an understatement. You have to try it for yourself, if you haven’t already. There are different water rides depending on the skill and fitness level of an individual. No matter what you choose to do, or do it all, once is just never enough. Hanging out with friends and family sharing these exciting water sports will make for life time of memories that you will enjoy talking about, and make plans to do them again and again.

Address: 22 Lake Ave, Lake George, NY
Phone Number: 18458574735

2. Adirondack Winery

After the exhilarating water sports, you might want to take a break before diving into the activities again. For that you got the perfect thing to do – Adirondack Winery. Can you imagine sitting on a chair looking out to Lake George sipping a fabulous wine relaxing. Sounds awfully wonderful, doesn’t it? Just don’t go for a swim afterwards.

You should definitely give this one a try for just one reason – fantastic wines! Need I say more?

Address: 285 Canada Street, Lake George, NY 12845
Phone Number: +1 518-668-9463

3. Parasailing Adventures

It’s time to head back out in the water or air. Well sort of, ok it’s both. For me, parasailing is an out and out adventure. Screams of joy and thrill you hear from the ones who are up in the air is so damn inviting. The rush of water under your feet when you lower down to touch the lake, and when you are rise up, you feel like you can touch the sky. The pounding of your heart can be quite deafening or is it the water gushing below mixed with the roaring engine. Not even the wind battering your whole body can wipe that ear to ear smile from your face! Ready to scream out your lungs?

Address: 2 Kurosaka Lane, Lake George, NY 12845
Phone Number: 518-668-9234

4. Warren County Bikeway

Now that you have got your lungs back, let’s give them a rest. This doesn’t mean that you should stay in hotel doing nothing. Well, you could go for spa or something like that, or you could do that later (in your sleep). You know, to get the best out of Lake George you have to immerse yourself in outdoor activities. And with that, a bit more relaxed fun is in order.

You can either have a pleasant walk on these shaded biking trails, or ride them out with friends and enjoy the nature and the parks. Even if it only takes around four hours to finish the trail, just don’t make the mistake of starting from Lake George. The starting section is a complete uphill and you don’t want to be out of breath from the get go. Take plenty of breaks along the way for ice-creams, cool drinks and some sandwiches to get the hungry going.

5. Lake George Shoreline Cruises

Lake George Shoreline Cruises have different boat tours depending on the length of time, special occasions and theme trips. It’s sort of sightseeing, I guess. Get on the cruise whichever it might be for a laid back experience you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

This one is for the lazy souls out there, and/or the ones who got tired of all that kicking/ splashing/ screaming around in the lake.

Address: 2 Kurosaka Lane, Lake George, NY 12816
Phone Number: 518-668-4644

Well, then, these are my top 5 picks for fun things to do in and around the ever popular Lake George. What’s yours?

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