Thanksgiving Etiquette: 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Guests

Thanksgiving Etiquette for guests

Feeling ecstatic that you’ve been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner? Well then, keep in mind these Thanksgiving etiquette to be a perfect guest, if you want to be invited for the second time or for any other festivity.

What Thanksgiving Guests Need To Remember?

1. Don’t go empty-handed.

Come to think of it, isn’t this a pretty standard rule for guest on any occasion? Anyway, Thanksgiving is a big deal and you don’t want to be the one who didn’t bring anything for the generous bounty you are about to feast on. If you are thinking what to bring since there will be plenty of food already, I say get a bottle or two of wine or champagne as it seems to be never enough.

2. Arrive on time.

When you host/hostess tells you to arrive on time, it’s means don’t come too early and give him/her enough time to prepare for the festivity, as well as don’t be so late that Thanksgiving dinner is long gone. But, you may also be asked to arrive a bit early to help out with the prep work or set the table. If that’s the case, do so graciously.

3. Don’t hang around like a ghost.

Speaking of time, oh look it’s about time you take your leave. You host/hostess invited you for Thanksgiving celebration and dinner, not for a sleepover. Don’t hang around till wee hours into the night. As the guests starts to trickle out, you should prepare to leave as well.

If you want to stick around for a while for cleaning and stuff, sure there is no harm in that, your host/hostess will be more than happy to have a helping hand. But, after the work, the chitchat and all the thanks are said and done, call a cab and make a gracious exit while you still have the chance!

4. Play dress-up.

Thanksgiving is quite a big occasion for many us. So, whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner parties or are attending one, dress-up a bit. I know – you must be thinking, why dress-up when all you will be doing is watching football and feasting on delicious turkey.

But hear me out, if you wanted to do just these two things, you could have stayed home in your PJs and have done exactly that and nothing more. But, you have accepted an invitation to someone’s home to dine with their family and close friends (even if it’s your family and friends you’ll be joining for Thanksgiving dinner, play nice!) So, you could at least show some decorum, and turn up looking nice to celebrate the occasion.

5. Eat your dinner.

Don’t be nitpicky about Thanksgiving dinner. Even if you don’t like something, unless you are allergic or worried that it might cause your death, eat it. Think about it, your host/hostess wouldn’t make you eat something that would harm you. But, if you found yourself in a situation where you are offered something you are not too fond of, by the host/hostess or an uninvited guest, then taste it/ take a bite, and move on to something on the table you prefer.

6. But don’t eat like a pig.

Chances are you are going to find everything on the table your favorite. Have some control, don’t devour everything you see. Leave some for other guests as well. If you really love the food and want some more, you can always go for the second round. But, see that everyone around you has had their share of the particular food in question, only then could you go for a second round of it. Your host/hostess will be pleased that you love the food he/she prepared, just remember one thing – don’t eat like a pig!

7. And, no dogs.

Or cats or any pet – four legged or not. No matter how much you love your pet, do not take it with you to Thanksgiving dinner. The house may already be crowded and even if you think your favorite pooch will behave, there is seriously no guarantee. With new environment and new people, it can sometimes be overwhelming for most of us, so you can only imagine, it could be the same or even worse for your pet.

That’s why unless you are asked to bring your dog along, don’t take it. You may also ask the host/hostess if you could tag along your pooch, but I don’t recommend it. There may not be enough space inside, or a fence outside to keep it enclosed. Plus, if you love your pet you wouldn’t want it to be kept outside in cold, do you?

I hope these Thanksgiving tips on how to be a perfect guest to your host/hostess are going to be helpful. And, if you are visiting New York City on Thanksgiving, don’t forget to watch the Macy’s Parade. Those humongous balloons will turn you into a kid in a second!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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