Taxi Etiquette for Passengers: Dos & Don’ts

Taxis are the most fastest and flexible way for traveling in a city. Riding in a taxi is not only safe but affordable as well. But, when you are taking a taxi ride, there are many things you should know. Here is some important taxi etiquette which the passengers have to learn to have a smooth experience.


  • When you are traveling in a taxi, it is very crucial you wear your seat belt. If you don’t, you are inviting danger to yourself. Since, it is for your own safety, make sure you follow this rule.
  • Do scan the cab thoroughly before you leave it. If you do, it will be easier for you to track down the cab again and recover your belongings incase if you have left something in the cab.
  • It is important to carry small change with you when you are traveling in a taxi. It is because there are few dishonest taxi drivers who claim to have no changes even they have. So, be prepared.
  • To get a receipt before leaving the taxi is your right. Not only will it help to calculate your expenses, it will help you track down the cab in case you have lost your property.
  • Be patient when you get stuck in a traffic jam. It is not your taxi drivers fault so do not take your frustrations out on him.
  • If you think that your driver made an extra effort to help you reach your destination safely, do tip him.



  • Do not talk too much. If you get a vibe that you are bothering your taxi driver with too much talking, it is best to talk less.
  • Taxi cannot hold many people so do not bring along six of your friends. Not only it will make your trip an uncomfortable one, it is both dangerous and illegal. To avoid unfortunate events, it is safe to get another cab.
  • Before you get out of the cab, make sure that no other vehicle is behind or nobody is near your cab door. Because if you don’t, you might get hit by a vehicle or hit some pedestrian.
  • If you know the route to your destination, tell your cabbie about it. There are few drivers who will choose the longer route just to increase the fare. To avoid this, you can do a little research and learn about the know-around.
  • Do not show PDAs when you are seated behind the wheels. It is very disrespectful to the driver so wait till you reach your destination.

Make sure you learn all these taxi etiquette to have a good and non-stressful ride. About Chets Airport & Taxi Service Chet’s Airport & Taxi service is a premiere taxi cab company serving New York State including the major airports like JFK, Newark, Laguardia, Albany and Boston Logan Airport. For more details about our Saratoga taxi cab services, call us at (518) 423-5752.

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