Taxi Culture

Taxi is prominent part of urban culture. One cannot expect life without taxi in any town, city or metropolis of the world. It is the best, reliable and easiest mode of ground transportation.

The history of taxi can be traced back to early 19th century. It went through tremendous changes before arriving at this stage since then. In this period of more than one and quarter century, taxi was successful to establish its own distinct culture in the society.

Yes, I am talking about taxi culture! And we are the part of this culture.

The invention of taxi made society move fast. The distances were shortened and time was saved resulting development in greater pace. Undoubtedly, vehicles are at the core of modern development and none can deny the contribution of taxi in this regard.

Riding on a taxi was a matter of pride on those days. Basically, rich used to hire it. Before the invention of first stretched limousine, taxi stood as a symbol of success.

Taxi industry created job for thousands of people across the US as there were more than 100 registered cab companies in New York alone. The tough competition among companies made passage to better services for passengers. This was another significant culture that taxi established in the societies then. Taxi is the one that developed the sense of consumerism in the people of the US. “You pay not just for service but for better service.”

Gypsy taxi was the one that treated each and every passenger on the basis of equality. It was ready to go anywhere in outer boroughs.

The era of 1970s surfaced as unpopular period for taxis because most of the taxis then were dirty and was not in road worthy condition. Many magazines and newspapers wrote story about dirty taxi. The positive side of the event is that it paved the way to cleanliness. Many taxi service providing companies meditated on the fact and came out with the idea of clean transportation service. It helped society to gear up in the direction of cleanliness, be it home of vehicle. This was another remarkable culture that taxi established in our society—clean and hygienic.

The responsibilities of taxi are getting wider at present. They are the one that has completely founded the culture of on time, perfect service, comfort and safety. This is what we call modern road culture laid down by taxi.

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