Something: A Meaningful Word Representing Satisfied Taxi Client

It’s something, it’s something different. Something is capable of portraying many things from the bottom of heart…..

Probability is something in mathematics that deals with the chances of occurrence or happening. For example, if you roll a dice expecting spade then the equation of probability says that the chance of getting spade is one sixth because the dice consists of diamond, club, heart, crown, flag and spade.

This is all about mathematics. The world of numerical science travels in particular path with certain rules resulting definite solution or outcome as numerical figure. It is a matter of head or, in other words, you can say brain.

What about life? Life is something different than mathematics. It is a mixture of brain and heart (emotions). So, it is more confusing and more colorful. Mathematics deal with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ whereas life penetrates bit deep dealing with something in between ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

And, this SOMETHING in between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ is the essence of life that keeps you moving from cradle to grave. This SOMETHING is truly something to be honored about.

Why I am talking all this? Well, here below are the reasons:

Case I:
Two persons are exiting from JFK Airport and the first one exclaims: Alas! I forgot to book the taxi to Manhattan!
Second person: Well, let me check something with Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service.

Case II:
Son: Dad, does this taxi (Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service) play music?
Dad: Ah, let me ask a man behind the steering if he has something to play of your choice.

Case III:
Daughter: Why do we always hire Chet’s Taxi?
Mother: Well, it is something different in comparison to others. Like, it delivers honest service.

Case IV:
Niece: Why there are so many taxis in New York?
Uncle: Umm, because it is something you can completely bank on.

It seems as if something is truly associated with the world of taxi and its service. It is a lively word that delivers customers’ satisfaction in different manner. The single word is capable of depicting the whole story of taxi service provider and the level of satisfaction gained by the client.

As an unpopular writer, sometime I feel that the word was created to express hundreds of gratitude at once. Go on gargling with the matter and use the word something somewhere before concluding the sentence. And see the miracle, people will truly understand the sense that you were trying to deliver! For instance, just take a feedback from the customer regarding service of a taxi and s/he pops-up with an answer: “It was something wonderful.”

Moreover, service providers sense positive vibe with something. It is an optimistic word for them.

It’s truly versatile just like Chet’s Airport and Taxi—a ground based transportation service provider that delivers something more than a sum total of taxi service! Did you get the clue what the word something refers here? Well…

  • Registered Cab company
  • 24/7 pickups & drop off to your destination
  • Vehicles at good condition and Insured
  • Discounts on long distance trips
  • Professional and courteous drivers
  • Reasonable rates
  • Round the clock service

Truly meaningful word that perfectly conveys the level of satisfaction of clients!

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