Some Ways to Kill Layovers at Airport

Some Ways to Kill Layovers at Airport

Flight with long layovers can be horrifying. Nobody likes being stuck for several hours at the airport. Your bags have been checked, boarding pass issued and waiting for connection flights, with nothing interesting thing to do can be the most undesirable thing. Even playing candy crush saga or subway surfer in your Smartphone start to exhaust you at one point of time. What can you do to make yourself feel better in these boring hours?

Follow these tips that can help you kill time during airport layovers.


Get Some Sleep

Taking a nap might be a great idea during long layovers. But, there are some travelers who think that sleeping in the airport is like sleeping on the street. Well, the comfort level of each individual depends on a number of factors, from personal experience to conditions in the airport in which you are staying. You will find specified sleeping sections or special sleep chairs in many airports that helps to make napping painless.


A few minutes of deep breathing and stretching is a great way to get your blood flowing in an airport. Have a look at the website of airport – whether it offers a yoga or fitness area. While the quiet corner of an airport lounge also works as a suitable place for you to do some yoga, if your airport doesn’t offer an appropriate facility. If you have spare set of workout clothes, it will be great; otherwise, you can do some shopping at the terminal.

Chat with a Stranger

Do not hesitate to talk with the person next to you. Chatting up with an approachable stranger at the airport bar, in the lounge or in the restaurant can lead to a short, dull conversation at worst and a fascinating glimpse into a fellow traveler’s experiences at best.

Go Out and Explore

If you have a longer layover like 4 hours or more than 4 hours, it might be fruitful if you leave the airport and explore the beauty of the city. There are few airports who offer you a free guided tour if your layover is longer than 2 hours. You can take the advantage of the benefit of those airports. But, be careful while finding out when the last train or bus is, so you won’t have difficulties to get back to your airport. You can also use the public transportation line to the city center offered by many airports.

Entertain the Kids

Spending the long layovers with the toddlers can be very difficult and stressful. You can entertain them by playing some games like hide and seek or take them to the nearby zoo or museum. Identify the location of the zoo or museum with several travel apps on the play store that lets you find out their whereabouts.

Airport Shopping

For most of the people, shopping is the best way to release stress. You can buy some duty and tax free items for your friends and family. Different kinds of shop will be available at the airport for the convenience of passenger. Airport shopping can also be the best way to kill boring layovers in an airport.


Have you ever been trapped in a long layover? Share your experience and things you did to kill time in an airport in the comments section below

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