Some Facts About New York Taxi

Taxi is in the gene of New York. The state witnessed every evolution related to taxi since early 19th century when there was horse-drawn two wheeled cab then.

We discussed many things about taxi in our previous blog and this time we are presenting some interesting facts about the taxis in New York—the busiest city of the world.

Do you know taxis give service to more than 600,000 people every day in New York? It means more than 236 million people take taxi service in a year.

Do you know spring is a peak season for taxis where as the business downs to its lowest during summer?

Do you know there are around 14,000 medallion taxis in New York?

Do you know taxi industry in New York gives employment to more than 50,000 drivers?

Do you know a shift of a driver in New York is more than nine hours?

Do you know a driver rides 30 times on an average in a shift?

Do you know a driver travels 180 miles on an average in a shift of more than nine hours?

Do you know around 500,000 trips are made by taxis every day?

Do you know a taxi covers a distance of more than 70,000 miles in a year?

Do you know an average fare in New York is slightly more than $6?

Do you know 99 per cent of trips are less than 12 miles?

Do you know people of New York prefer to hail in a cab even for a distance of a mile—20 per cent of total passengers?

Do you know Manhattan is a place where occurs maximum number of taxi pickups—90 per cent?

Do you know on average a taxi driver gets 18 per cent tip of the metered fare.

Do you know the numbers of female taxi drivers in New York is 1 per cent—500?

Do you know New York witnessed first woman taxi driver of the US in 1925?

Do you know each taxi goes through intense inspection thrice a year?

Do you know taxi drivers are fined $200 if found using mobile while driving?

Do you know a driver has to take a class of 40 hours before being a certified driver in New York? S/he will learn geography, etiquette and conversational English in this period of time.

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