Safer ways to ride a taxi

Safer taxi Ride

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” –Abraham Maslow

We tend to neglect the basic but most important factors, when it comes to riding a taxi. Taxi safety is pretty simple but you need to keep in mind that accidents never give you a prior notice. Let me remind you with some pivotal.

1. Legal

Do not get into a rogue taxi. Yes, it is difficult to figure out on a first watch, whether a person is honest. But once you have the feeling, change it. You rent a taxi, which means you have the right to say a yes or no. And another most important thing is, you must make sure that the taxi is legit. Many frauds, impersonating as taxi drivers, may cause serious troubles, even accidents.

2. Sharing

Sharing a cab with stranger can help you stay safe and save bucks but it’s a scam to some places. Trusting people could cause you trouble. Personally, I least prefer sharing my cab. So, if someone else other than the driver is in the taxi, don’t get not agree to share a ride with a stranger. Even if, he/she offers you kindly.

3. Peer

If you are intoxicated, it is safer that you are in peer. No one should be trusted. And in case of strangers, it’s better to stay away. You may lose your controls and that might be a green single to the driver to take advantage over you.

4. Emergencies

If you are okay with taking a non-licensed taxi and taking your chances, you may save some penny on a cheap cab ride. Be prepared, though! This is the time to carry a phone. Know the local emergency number like 911. Watch for street signs so you know where you are.

5. Security

If you’re not sure about the safety, always let your near ones or your loved once know the detail information about the taxi you’re in. Like taxi number, destination, etc. This is another way to be on the safer side and act smartly.

6. Position

Always sit in the back seat and opposite side to the driver. Sitting on the opposite will keep you at a safe distance. There is always a possibility that the driver in front of you have got the intension to harm you physically or economically. The distance between you and the driver would somewhat, surely mitigate the chance of you being harmed. Similarly, if during the journey the driver stops to pick-up another passenger, exit the taxi immediately.


So, if you guys really liked the tips, do not forget to comment in the comment section. I love hearing from you guys. You can share with your friends and family.

Safe Travel!

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