Renting a car: 5 Dos and Don’ts

Are you in need of car for your next trip? Renting a car can enhance the flexibility of any trip; it can be either business or leisure. But, before renting a car, a question always arises in one’s mind – Are we getting the best rates and services? You may not want to have the stress of renting a car, especially when already have the stress of running your business.

Here are some dos and don’ts of car rental to help you make your trip convenient.




  1. Inspect the car before signing

It is very important to inspect a car before renting to avoid the claim of a car rental company. If you are renting a car for the first time, take notes on the rental agreement, pinpointing even the slightest scratch. Booking a car online is the easiest way to reserve any vehicle, but you will lose the opportunity to check the car you are signing in for.

A smart way to inspect the car will be clicking photos of you with the car from every angle of the car. This will act as an evidence to prove that you aren’t responsible for the scratches in the car.


  1. Do Compare rates

Make sure you compare rates on rental agency and travel websites. If you are member of AAA, you will be getting 20% discount. Few rental companies provide discounts if you book in advance as well as if you are booking your flight and rental car at the same time.


  1. Prefer smaller companies

As the market is dominated by popular rental companies, smaller independent companies are hardly filling the gap in between. Popular companies are always focused on the sales and profit rather than services. Therefore, do look for a company that is growing as well as seem to have the best combination of price, terms and service.


  1. Book early

Early booking of a car can benefit you in many ways such as in terms of priority, discount and services. Longer lead time means more available cars, a broader selection opportunity and a better rate.


  1. Do arrange a safety kit

No one can be sure of the accidents that can occur while traveling. Therefore, you have to be pre-prepared with safety kit to handle any uncalled emergency. A flash light, extra battery and first aid equipment would be enough for you to handle any uncertainty.




  • Don’t pay for insurance

A car rental company offers you insurance to cover up the car in case of accident. Therefore, make sure that you aren’t fooled by such companies. If you are renting a car overseas, make sure that the rental company provides auto insurance with the rental package.


  • Don’t forget to fix rate

You should be aware of the terms and conditions of the company before you make reservation online. While looking for a company, the main task you need to do is renting a car also needs additional payment or not such taxes. Also, ask about will there be a discount if you return the car before time? What would happen if you drive more than a fixed number of miles? Also ensure if the vehicle you are hiring is legal and is free from police records.


  • Don’t compromise on vehicle

You may not want to hire a car if the expected number of people don’t fit in the car, or it is of old model. Therefore, be sure to focus on the features such as automobile or manual transmission, fuel consumption, tracker, GPS, etc. so you are free from accidents or technical failures on the road.


  • Don’t provide extra payment

Avoid paying extras that typically adds up to big amount. Some companies offer an amount of payment for getting a notification of GPS in your smart phone; you may want to be away from this.


  • Don’t pay for gas in advance

While making a payment, you are also paying for the full tank of gas. So, think twice before repaying for gas unless you can guarantee that you’ll return the car with only its last few drips of gas.


Have a safe travel!

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