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Safe ride was the first and foremost condition of Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service since the beginning of its commencement in the field of transportation. New York is the busiest city of the world and the US is one of the busiest countries. Traffic is incessant here and with it the risk of accident is high. Hence, we suggest you to hire a taxi because there is an experienced man behind steering who will transfer you safely to your destination.

As per the report revealed by Schaller Consulting, ride in a taxi is safer than the use of any other personal mode of transportation. The report states that taxi drivers are well known about the traffic of the city, its rules and traffic situation during peak hours. There knowledge regarding the road is one of the reasons to minimize the accident.

Moreover, the skill of driving earns bread to cab driver; their livelihood depends upon their skill so they have to be more careful in comparison to other drivers. Similarly, Taxi and Limousine Commission inspect them constantly so they have to be cautious.

The report further reads that the rate of injury of an individual who takes 100 cab trips a year is insignificant. It is below one percent.

The crash rate of taxicab in New York City is relatively low in comparison to other states and other vehicles.

Here below we are comparing the latest available data that is of the year 2014. We consider 1999 as a base year because the year witnessed 4,270 taxi accidents in New York.

The year 2014 saw 1,391 accidents. In comparison to 1999, the rate of accidents decreased by 32.57 per cent in past one and half decades. Due to the accidents 3,041 suffered personal injuries along with 10 fatalities. It is assumed that the accident rate is in declining trend as the plan called Vision Zero is on swing. The plan aims to eliminate traffic death by 2024.

The city has adopted various changes in its traffic rules to meet the plan—Vision Zero. The default speed is lowered to 25 miles/hour, street improvement and strong law against speeding and other traffic violations.

Due to all aforementioned reasons it is suggested to opt for taxi service in comparison to other mode of transportation available. This will surely make your ride safe and sound.

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