How to tell if someone is drinking and driving?

How to spot a drunk driver

Who doesn’t love a good party! During weekends, we hang out with friends or visit families. Oh! The roads trips, and let’s not forget, we love to go on long drives at night.

But often we hear news of accidents and loved ones being lost, because of someone being careless and driving under the influence. We can see time and again, someone drunk driving on a busy road, endangering their own life and lives of others.

It’s not like there are no laws, there are strict laws against drinking and driving under the influence, however, there are some who take partying and having a good time to roads, without any regard for safety of others and themselves.

How to spot a drunk driver?

To keep everyone on the road safe from accidents caused by drunk driving, it is important to know if someone is drinking and driving, and accordingly report to the concerned authority. So, how do you tell if a person is driving under the influence? Well, here’s how –

  1. If the vehicle has fluctuating acceleration or deceleration
  2. If the vehicle is tailgating another vehicle in front of it
  3. If it is weaving or crisscrossing on the road
  4. If it not being driven on the designated lane/road for vehicles, and/or going off the road
  5. Coming to a sudden stop without any reason, or hitting the breaks in an unpredictable manner
  6. Driving through traffic not caring about lanes or vehicles nearby
  7. If the vehicle’s signal doesn’t match its driving pattern
  8. Delayed reaction to traffic signals, like stopping or starting the vehicle too soon or too late
  9. Driving on both sides of center lane marker
  10. The vehicle nearly colliding with another vehicle, curb or an object
  11. If the headlights of the vehicle are turned off while driving at night
  12. If the vehicle is swerving now and again
  13. Driving slower or below the speed limit, and sometimes it’s the opposite, faster and way, way above the speed limit
  14. If it makes an illegal turn and/or an abrupt turn
  15. Change the lane/ takes U-turn haphazardly

When you spot a drunk driver here’s what you need to do

  • Don’t drive anywhere near that vehicle, stay clear of it.
  • You should not try and overtake the vehicle, or go near it and signal it to stop. You cannot be sure what’s its next move is going to be. Drunk driving is pretty unpredictable, you may collide with one another.
  • What you should do is, note everything about the vehicle, like its license plate number, what kind of vehicle it is – brand, model and color. If it is possible to know if the person is driving alone or has other passengers in it; see that you do this from a safe distance and obtain as much information as you can, without getting close to the vehicle in question.
  • Now the only thing you can do to keep everyone on the road safe is to call the concerned authority. Ask the person next to you to call the cops. But if you are driving alone, then pull over first and then make the call.
  • Provide them with all the details such as its exact location, street or highway name, where it’s headed to, the detailed description and the way it was being driven.

Keeping drunk drivers off the street is the best thing to do to prevent road accidents. So, do your part as an aware individual whether you are a taxi driver, a passenger or fellow driver on the road. Help keep your roads safe!

Good to know drinking and driving facts

Now that you know how to spot a drunk driver on the road and what to do about it, it’s a good idea to know the facts about drunk driving and what effects alcohol can have on your body. Let’s check them out.

Alcohol & its effects

Something you need to know about alcohol and the effects it has on your body –

  • It impairs your vision.
  • It slows down your reflex action.
  • Your concentration is affected.
  • You make poor judgments.
  • It makes you over confident.

Drinking and Driving Facts

More useful drinking and driving facts –

  • The way you drink i.e. the rate at which you drink, or the number of drinks you take over certain amount of time, affects level of intoxication, and not the type of alcohol like it is generally believed. Not tasting and enjoying the drink, instead, swallowing it down quickly can get you intoxicated faster.
  • It is dangerous and sometimes even deadly to combine drinking alcohol and taking illegal drugs, or medication such as aspirins, sleeping pills and even prescribed meds /drugs.
  • It takes around six hours, after drinking, for the body to completely remove alcohol from its system.
  • There are myths about sobering like how coffee, a cold shower and exercise helps you sober up which is not the case. Only after certain period of time has elapsed that you start to sober up.
  • To check if a driver is drunk beyond the legal limit, police officers give them a Breathalyzer test. In the test, a device called Breathalyzer is used, which provides an estimation for blood alcohol content level in a driver, by finding out the amount of alcohol in his/her lungs.
  • Vital organs in a body that contains a lot of water like brain is more vulnerable to effects of alcohol, as it dilutes itself in the water volume present in a body to travel easily.
  • People who start drinking at a very young age, when they are just kids or teens, are more likely to get involved in drunk driving accidents.
  • Drinking too much for a long time can cause cancer in esophagus, bowel, mouth, breast and so on.
  • Another health issue arising from heavy drinking is infertility in men.

Enjoy your weekend parties, outings and long drives at night but above all, stay safe and always remember, Do Not Drink and Drive!

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