Didn’t Travel in Taxi in New York? You Missed it…

New York City never sleeps and so does the taxi here. Besides other things, it is probably the taxi that keeps this city awaken round the clock. The business of this American metropolis can be figured out tentatively relying on the mass movement of taxis.

The iconic yellow taxi of New York is a kind of cover page in its history of around 200 years. Its every page consists of interesting information regarding its present and past.

Here below we highlight some of the facts about the taxi in New York at present:

  • Around 600,000 people travel in taxi in New York every day.
  • Most of the people in New York prefer to take taxi even for a ride of a mile. There is 20 per cent of such population.
  • Around 14,000 medallions (yellow taxis) roll on the street of New York.
  • A taxi covers distance of around 180 miles on average in a shift.
  • A shift is of around nine and half hour a day.
  • An average taxi fare in New York is around $6.00 and average trip distance is 2.6 miles.
  • As per report, most of the trips—almost 99 per cent—are less than 12 miles.
  • Every taxi on average gives 30 rides in a shift.
  • Around 500,000 taxi trips are made on a day.
  • The average age of a taxi running incessantly in the city of New York is slightly more than three years.
  • Spring season is the peak time for taxi whereas summer is regarded as off season.
  • Manhattan is the place in New York where occurs around 90 per cent of taxi pickups.
  • New York City witnessed first female taxi driver in 1925.
  • The number of female cab drivers in New York City is insignificant. Out of around 50,000 cab drivers they (female) just occupy one per cent i.e. 500.
  • Keeping customer’s safety at center, every taxi is inspected thoroughly thrice a year.
  • Two third of taxi passengers belong to the age group of 35 or less.
  • Cab is the short form of cabriolet. It (cabriolet) is a horse-driven carriage.

Aforementioned facts highlight the reasons behind the use of taxi in New York City. Large group of people prefer taxi over any other mode of transportation because cab is safe, timely and reliable.

The taxis of New York are a symbol of safety. Keeping customers security at the center, the transportation companies here are forced to inspect their vehicle rigorously three times a year. And, due to this the chances of taxi accidents is so negligible.

Hence, we suggest you to drive in taxi because it is RELIABLE mode of transportation driving almost entire New York.

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