Chet’s Airport And Taxi Service: Caring Health

World is full of people. The US is full of wise people. And New York is full of conscious and wise people. After going through few lines above, particularly the third line, you trigger a common question—on what ground are the people of New York regarded conscious and wise?

And here I provide the ground that you are seeking for. Well, they are health and environment conscious people and they hire Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service.

I know you are nodding with the first part of the answer—health and environment conscious. But the second part—hiring Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service—compelled you to raise your eyebrow searching relation between hiring Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service and being wise.

Well, if I go on answering your doubts then the ball keeps on rolling. My answer turns out to be your question. Hence, let me elaborate the matter so that you can understand the whole story (reality).

Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service is an environment conscious taxi service providing agency. We care for our environment as a result we discourage honking except in critical situation.

It is reported that more than 14,000 medallion taxis hit the road of New York every day and the city is badly experiencing honking of different vehicles including taxis. Discouraging honking means we are supporting people’s health and environment as well. There are many disadvantages of noise pollution and some of them are:

  • Noise pollution causes heart disease
  • It increases risk of hearing loss
  • Exposure to noise pollution lowers birth rate in women
  • Constant noise in between 85 to 106 decibels leads to physio-psychological effects like concentration loss 93%, hypertension 87%, headache 74%, hearing impairment 69%, stress 65%, depression 58%, muscle tension 64%, irritation and annoyance 54% and many more.
  • Stresses and sleep disturbances are the result of noise pollution and this is surfacing as severe threat in biggest city like New York
  • Entire body functioning is influenced by noise. It influences endocrine, immune, and cardiovascular system
  • As per National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Noise-induced hearing loss has affected 15 per cent Americans


However, our wise act is benefiting the entire system to some extent in different ways and some of them are:

  • A five decibel noise reduction will reduce the high blood pressure by 1.4 per cent
  • Similarly, coronary heart disease will reduce by 1.8 per cent if the noise is reduced by five decibel
  • Lowering noise by five decibel means benefiting economy by USD3.9 billion every year

Despite being profit oriented organization Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service is extending its service with negligible health hazard. Hence, people who are aware about our work ethics and culture prefer our service over others. This is why conscious and wise people select us—Chet’s Airport and Taxi Service.

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