Surprising Tips for Catching a Cab in NYC

It is New York City my friend, you won’t be able to catch a cab anytime you throw your hand in the air, and scream at the top of your voice. You will be left pulling your hair out as one after another cab passes, without taking you in or even slowing down.

So, there obviously are some cheats for catching a cab here in New York City, follow them if you don’t want to regret.

  1. When to hail and when not to

The first and foremost thing that you should know before catching a cab is whether it is available for hire or not. And how do you know that? Whenever the light is lit on the top of the cab, you can wave your arms to that particular cab and get going.

The other alternative that you would have is walking out to the terminal passing by many covert cab drivers who offer rides, and find the right one – after waiting in the line. It is basically the war of demand and supply, hope you would get lucky and the line would be short. However, this system may be viewed as maddening or civilized, all depends on how you perceive.

  1. The worst time of day to try

You shouldn’t be that optimistic when it comes to trying to get a taxi at around 4 or 5 in the evening. Nabbing a cab wouldn’t be normal during that part of the day. The cab drivers are all set to park their cab back to the garage during that period of time. The good way out can be you knowing a cab driver well or having his number to ask for a paid favor.

When you come to know that you are in trouble and only one who can be of help is you yourself, then switch to e-hail apps like Uber, or take the subway; walking wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  1. Getting driver’s attention from across the street

Waving your arm into the air and making an eye contact (with confidence) with the driver can almost get him to stop for you. Make sure that they are well assured, and not aggressively, and don’t thrust your arm like a crazy street guy – it will never do the trick.

Option of trying a mid-street hail always exists if the corners are clogged with others waiting for the cab.

  1. Use of technologies

If you are about to attend a special event, you need to make sure to get the cab beforehand. During those times, everyone in NYC would want to get a cab for their good. You need to get away from the crowds that are waiting for the taxi.

CabSense is the new app in appstore and playstore that will come real handy for you, while waiting for the cabs. Finding the best corners to catch the nearest cab, and setting the coordinates in advance are few of the best features of this app.

These are 4 of many tips for hailing a taxi in NYC, and the basic ones. You should also be sticking with other tips and ideas. Apply these handy tips and get going where you need to be.

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