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Taxicab, a very common vehicle, is very familiar to people. This tiny public vehicle turns into a private one to the service user at the time he/she uses its service. Today, in this blog area, let’s go a bit differently, little knowledge about the taxicab and its history and some facts about them is enough to amuse you.

When you hear the word TAXI, a mini yellow van speeding down the road may struck into your mind. How do you prefer to define a taxicab? To me, it’s a small motor car hired along with the driver to use for a non-shared ride- which obviously means a private ride. The customer decides the pick-up and drop-off location,which makes it completely different from other public transports that have fixed route to run on. A little bit knowledge to make you expert at; here’s all you need to know about its history, present situation and anything that is related to taxicabs.



The word “taxi” is shortened form of “taxi cab” which was derived from the two words: “taximeter” and “cabriolet”. Taximeter was made first in 1891 which is used to record distance to calculate the fare.


When and Where taxi wasfirst introduced?

When we talk about modern taxis, the first modern taxi equipped with meter was introduced in 1897. It all took place in Germany. To be specific, the taxi cab service started in Stuttgart.

In case of America, the modern taxi cab was introduced in 1907.


Do you know why were the taxis painted yellow? The reason is to visualize the vehicle faster, as yellow is an effective color to notice faster.


What were the areas that used taxis in the past?

Alike these days, people hired taxis for their personal use from a very long time. It is also true that taxis were not as common as it is now to people.France surprised the Germans by carrying around 6000 soldiers to a new place in a day in 1914.Many taxis proved to be vital to save people’s lives in emergency situations.


Present condition

Taxi comes in various shapes, sizes and colors around the world. No matter how much they vary visually, all of them come with one goal-to get the passenger to their destination in time, in low fuel, and in a convenient way.


What is the total number of taxis at present?

There is no any specific record or data. The number of taxis in China exceeds 1,000,000, whereas their number is around 250,000 in USA. There is no specific data of the total number of taxis in the world.


How widely is taxi used?

Taxis are used in almost all countries in the world. The five cities that use most number of taxis are:

  • Lima, Peru
  • London, England
  • New York City, USA
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Tokyo, Japan


Which is the largest taxi company?

Uber is the largest taxi company. It does not own any vehicle though.


Why do people use taxi for?

Not all the people own a car. Even if they own one, it is not always possible to drive them. I have seen taxis mostly being used in airport travel, vacation purpose and many other minor reasons too.


Few common features of good taxi companies

  • professional and courteous drivers
  • registered
  • insured, well-maintained and cleaned vehicles
  • 24 hours service
  • Excellent reviews
  • Always available for assistance


A lot of information in a single blog! That must have been very helpful to you if you are seeking for knowledge about taxis. If you plan to use taxi service in New York, Chet’s airport and taxi service might be a great decision. A great company becomes so, only by treating their customers in the right and wonderful manner. Have a great time!

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