5 Best beaches in New York for a little R & R

Best Beaches in New York

If it’s some fun in the sun you are looking for, New York’s best beaches are waiting for you. Walking barefoot on the sand with the sound of waves splashing on the shore and the sun warming you up, now that’s a combination for a wonderful relaxing day on the beach. So, don’t let the busy city life rain on your parade. Go for little R & R in some of the best beaches in and around the Big Apple. Slather on new sunscreen.

Best beaches near NYC

Here are the 5 best beaches near New York –

1. South Beach, Staten Island

When you hear about South Beach in the eastern shore of Staten Island, throw out any pre-assumptions about another beach with the same name in Florida, the two have nothing in common except their name and that both are beaches.

South Beach is perfect if you are seeking solitude and some quiet time. This well maintained beach offers the view of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which just adds to the beach’s charm. The beach has enough facilities to make things more comfortable for you, without taking you away from the wonder of nature.

If you feel like taking a walk around the beach, there is the famous Franklin D. Roosevelt boardwalk. You can enjoy the day at fishing pier, or take in full sights and sounds of yearly events like fireworks display and concerts. You can get to the beach via State Island Ferry from Manhattan, and from there, you can either take a bus or have a wonderful time riding a bike to the beautiful beach.

2. Rockaway Beach, Queens

Now there is a beach for surf lovers in New York – Rockaway Beach! If you love to surf, there are plenty of strong waves waiting for you in the summer. And, when you tire out from the action, you can lie down on the sandy beach or have some of the delicious foods that you can find anywhere in the city. Just follow the scent of the heavenly snack coming from vendors and outdoor refreshment stands near the area, serving up great food.

But, if you don’t know how to surf well, don’t let that stop you from having fun, as there are plenty of other options to go with for a more active day at the beach, such as basketball and handball courts, beach tennis and skate park. And, if you are a laid back kind, beach is just the perfect place to chill out and relax in the sun, with delicious food, to make you feel like you are in heaven. It’s not difficult to get to Rockaway Beach; you can drive there in your car, take the subway or the ferry, your choice.

3. Sandy Hook, New Jersey

All the beaches in the city of New York are renowned for their sunny and welcoming atmosphere. And, Sandy Hook is one of the popular beaches around. You can take the Seastreak ferry from East 35th St. and Pier 11 at Wall St. that operates daily, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are also bus and train services available to get to the beach from New York City and New Jersey.

Sandy Hook with seven miles of sandy beaches and dunes is in the northern part of Jersey shore. After sunbathing and just spending the time doing nothing, go for a cool and refreshing swim, and if you are up for it, you can go for hiking or biking along the trails near the beach.

This beach has more to offer you than just laying on sand, like National Historic Landmark of Fort Hancock and one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, Sandy Hook Lighthouse. Go for a leisurely stroll around these places that are a part of our culture and history, and back to the beach for another round of sunbathing.

4. Fire Island, Long Island

Fire Island, interesting name isn’t it? Well, this barrier island may not be fiery like the name suggests, but it’s definitely a hotspot for beach lovers. The island off the south shore of Long Island has it all, from lazy beaches stretched out for miles to lively nightlife.

You can hang around the Sunken Forest, which is one of the maritime forests found in Eastern Seaboard. One of the top beaches here is right in the centre of the island called Watch Hill, across the Great South Bay from Patchogue. Much of the island is covered by Fire Island National Seashore.

The beaches in the island is not only relaxing and inviting; there are many facilities around the area to make your visit a pleasant one, like visiting centre, camp sites and even hiking trails to give your lazy day something of akin to an outdoor exercise. And if you are going for a swim, there are lifeguards around in the summer.

What’s more to love about Fire Island is that there are no cars as there are no paved roads, which means no traffic! To get around the island you walk, ride a bike or drive a golf cart. To get to the island, you can ride the Long Island Railroad to arrive at any of the three destinations in Long Island 1) Patchogue, 2) Sayville & 3) Bay Shore. And, from there, take a 20 minute ferry to the island.

5. Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

Ah, the infamous Coney Island, there is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of it. This has to be the liveliest of beaches in New York which is busy even in winter. There is something for everyone here. From screaming your lungs out riding the roller coaster to basking in the sun, you can do it all.

Go out for a swim, watch the stream of people, visit the New York Aquarium or watch a concert, the activities are endless, keeping you entertained as well as giving you an escape from the busy city life. The beach with its long standing history is a true New York experience.

If you are willing to get your mind refreshed, there is no better place like Coney Island and its miles long beach. Nathan’s Famous, the original restaurant, is another divine attraction here, you cannot miss it!

So, ready for some fun in the sun, swim & surf? Oh, and DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!

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