10 Helpful Business Travel Tips

10 Helpful Business Travel Tips

Travel can be stressful sometimes especially, the preparation part. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a novice when it comes to taking business trips; there are certain tips for business travel which helps to make the journey stress-free one. So, what are these business travel tips? Let’s get to it!

10 Tips for business travel

1. Have essentials ready & packed.

Small necessities like toiletries and chargers for your phone, laptop, ipad and other electronic devices, have them packed and ready to go in your travel bag at all times. Some of these essentials you cannot do without on a business trip, or any travel for that matter. If you missed to pack them in a trip, you may not find the same particular brand for the item at the place you are traveling to. That’s why having them already packed helps you take a little stress off of preparing for the business trip.

2. Keep travel documents ready on hand.

The most important business travel tip has to be – check all the items that actually lets you travel. And what are they? ID, passport and tickets; all your travel documents, of course! Check them before you head out the door. Keep them in a safe place where you can easily get them when you need to show them. Have all your travel documents ready on hand such as boarding passes, right next to passport or driver’s license, this way you can whip them out right away, and reduce stress from standing in line struggling to find them in your bag.

3. Join frequent traveler programs.

If you travel a lot for both business and personal trips, it will benefit you a great deal to join frequent traveler programs. This beats standing around at airports waiting for your bags to be checked. There are services such as Global Entry which is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program. If you sign up for Global Entry, it lets you go around traditional security checks. Signing up these kinds of programs will certainly ease your international travels.

4. Know call service rates for different cities.

It’s good to know about mobile carrier’s service and data rates while you are traveling in different cities, or especially if you’re traveling outside the country. Roaming calls and internet service can be expensive. So, find out about different call and internet service packages for travelers, and buy one suitable for your travel to save large sums on fees.

5. Keep a checkpoint friendly bag.

Keeping a checkpoint friendly bag will reduce the time you spent on unpacking and packing items through security check points. It also helps you avoid losing something along the way. You can find these bags online, or at any luggage stores.

6. Take some disposable items.

If you have some old pieces of clothing that you don’t plan on wearing anymore, pack them up, wear them one last time on the trip and say goodbye to the clothes when you return back home. Doing this will not only help you clean out your closet and make room for new clothes in your home, but disposing them on the trip will also make room in your suitcase/bag for gifts or other items to take back home. You may not be able to do this on all trips, but now and then you can go for it.

7. Pack few clothing for downtime.

Talking about clothes, it’s a good idea to pack few leisure clothing items like jeans, casual t-shirts & comfortable shoes. You won’t be attending meeting and seminars all day long throughout your trip. So, you can wear these to go out for a walk, or when you opt to go for a tour around the city. It’s definitely not pleasant to get stuck in a business suit 24/7 on a trip, business or not.

8. Do away with checking bags.

Having heavy luggage while traveling for a business trip is never a good idea! It makes your travel stressful and you won’t even be using most of the items. If you are a frequent business traveler, you may have this down pat, but if you don’t, practice makes perfect. Pack only what’s absolutely necessary in one small carry-on bag and forego paying to check the luggage. And if it is possible wear your business suit while you travel. This way you won’t have to worry about wrinkling your suit and/ or packing two suits plus other clothes and stuffs.

9. Pack the way you want.

It’s just packing. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You only need to remember to take the things that you actually need on the trip. As for packing your suitcase, you can do it the way you want. There is no standard or one way of packing. You just need to get those things nicely packed in one travel bag. Roll them, fold them or do both for different items. You only need to optimize whatever tiny space you have got and also in a way that would make it a lot easier for you to find and get things out of the bag in a jiffy.

10. Shipping extra stuffs back home.

Going back home from the trip, but there is no space in your luggage for the extra stuffs you bought on the trip? In such cases, you can ship the excess items back home which will save you both space and money. Fill a large box with those items, and ship them for delivery just before you take your leave from the business trip. This will make your travel easier as you won’t have to worry about handling excess baggage.

So, these were 10 business travel tips for your convenience. I hope they will be much useful when you take your next business trip.

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